Maori Flax Weaving

I first attended weaving workshops in Otaki in 2016 where I learnt the basics of weaving, but then wished to expand my knowledge so enrolled at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa in Levin where I completed a year’s education in Maori Visual Arts – Raranga (flax weaving) – and I loved it!

I find the whole weaving process to be incredibly involved and complex but very rewarding. You are forever learning.

I enjoy using colour and adding flowers, feathers or other embellishments which gives my kete a modern twist while still using traditional weaving methods. The kete range in size from 130/380mm W x 130/280mm H. The process from inception to completion is thorough. I start with the natural product – flax (harakeke), this gets split into strips (whenu), (I mainly use 6mm wide strips), and tie twenty of these strips into bundles. These bundles are boiled and hung to dry. If I wish to make a kete with colour, I select my bundles of harakeke that I wish to dye – boil them with dye then dry them again. Now I can weave!

I have several of my kete on display at galleries in Waitarere Beach and have undertaken commissions. If there is a kete that you would like woven, using another colour, or different size, please feel free to contact me. I would hope that you get as much enjoyment from them, as I do weaving them.


0277 35 3000